Implementation Support Mission

Start date: May 27, 2018 - End date: June 1, 2018

A team of IFAD experts visited the ASHA project on a Implementation Support Mission from 27 May 2018 till 1 June 2018. The team composed of Ms. Aissa Toure, PO, Mission Leader, Mr. Bashu Aryal, CPO IFAD Nepal and Mr. Nirajan Khadka, Environnent Programme Consultant held several meetings with PCU and TSU team and also accessed field level implementation of Dailekh district.

The key objectives of this mission was: i) to facilitate the project implementation activities, specially the grants disbursements, to prioritise and up to December 2018 and ii) to identify key enabling factors and measures geared to fast track the project delivery and better anticipate emerging issues. The latter was of critical importance as the project will go through a mid-term review in 2018.

The mission facilitated the discussions within the project teams at PCU, TCU, DPCUs to collectively come up with the answers and resolutions that help lift the ASHA project from a problem project status.