GIS Based Assessment of Khara Muru Watershed, West Rukum

The Khara Muru Sub Watershed is situated in West Rukum district of Karnali Province geographically projected on 28° 31′ 16.07″ and 28° 38′ 41.61″ N latitude and 82° 21′ 8.27″ – 82° 29′ 41.88″ E longitude, covering an area of 116.2 square kilometers, altitude ranges from 828 meter to 2673 meter above the sea level. Three former VDCs e.g. Khara, Muru, Rugha & Peugha of the Rukum contains to sub watershed. The Khara Muru geographically overlay on the midhills of Nepal joining with Salyan & Rolpa District in south, East District in East, Jajarkot District in West and Dolpa in north site. Khara, Muru & Nuwakot khola are the major streams of the sub watershed that accumulated into Sanibheri River.

The objective of this assessment was to impart GIS based analytical assessment of the biophysical and socio-economic conditions of Khara Muru Sub Watershed of West Rukum and to recommend strategies action for watershed conservation and management. The findings expected to provide a basis for developing local adaptation plan to cope with, and adapt to, the impacts of climate change in the watershed.